What’s the Difference and Shutting Down My Computer

If, like most of you, you use a computer with Microsoft Windows, you probably already know that the Start menu offers two methods for shutting down your computer.

You can click Shut Down, which basically explains the name. There is also a restart option which will shut down your computer for a while. But will restart

In recent versions of the Windows operating system, there is one more major difference between the two options, according to software experts, that the computer will not return after you click on shutdown.

They don’t shut down your computer exactly the same way and should be used in different situations.

What does ‘power off’ do?

Restarting and shutting down is done the same with older versions of Windows, closing programs and shutting down.

But in Windows 8 and 10 that changed with a new feature called Fast Startup, which is an annoying long process of getting your computer up and running.

“By default, Windows 10 will enable the Quick Start option when the user clicks shutdown,” explains Rob Tidro, CEO of the Richmond Community of Richmond, Indiana and co-editor of the “Windows 10 Bible” reference book.

(The way he wrote other books on software and technology) “This option helps Windows 10 start faster the next time a user starts Windows. The negative effect of this option is that the whole process is not cheap. Disabled in the previous session

When it shuts down, Windows 10 will close all the programs and files you have open. But it doesn’t turn off the Windows kernel – it’s the core of the operating system that makes software and hardware interoperable, Tidro said.

Shutting down and quick start might seem more convenient. But there are some precautions “If something happens to a hardware driver or something similar, the shutdown process won’t make it clear,” Tidro said.

What does Restart do?

On the contrary, according to Tedro, all processes on the computer, including the kernel, are shut down. This means that when the computer reboots, you will have a full restart, however it will take longer for everything to work.

“A restart should be performed when installing software updates and bug fixes,” said Microsoft, the manufacturer of the operating system, in an email. The installation and some software updates require you to use a restart to complete the process.

If your computer freezes or has some other error, you should use a restart instead of shutting down, although you might think shutting down is the perfect option.

There are several ways to initiate a restart, Derek Mester explains via email. He is represented by Geek Squad, Best Buy’s technology support and repair service for consumer electronics and appliances.

Without using the Start menu, you can hold down CTRL + Alt + Delete keys, click on the icon on the lock screen. And if you were depressed in the days before Windows, you can pull out the old school command prompt and type shutdown / r.

He also said that you can disable fast startup in your computer’s power settings too, so when you turn off your computer, it will clear everything.

What about reboot? “For most people, rebooting and restarting is the same thing.

The main difference between most computers and Windows 10 (and also) is that a reboot usually shuts down the system with the motherboard. [Main printed circuit board that allows communication between electronic components] Initially, the boot process is as if the computer is completely powered on. “Mester said.

Using a Mac

If you’re using a Mac operating system instead, Windows offers a similar option. Use it to restart if your computer starts not working abnormally, for example, your pointer is stuck on the screen, or you’ve added new software. Use shutdown when you turn off your computer for a while

Use sleep mode

All of this might lead to another question: Should we turn off our computers first? However, it is possible to put it to sleep, so when you wake up your computer, all your programs, software, and files are immediately available.

One of the disadvantages of sleep mode is that the computer still uses the least amount of power.